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Orchard Residency

In August 2020, Moor to Sea became established as Musical Artists in Residence at The Orchard, Lupton for one day a week.

Workshops and 1:1 sessions have responded to young people’s needs and preferences; we have identified environmentally-friendly instruments which complement the beauty of the natural space, created original recordings, films and soundscapes, written songs and worked in partnership to develop a core team of young people interested in exploring music, advocacy and access.

Music provides transferable and therapeutic effects for young people in many ways. Alongside it providing an access point for engagement, it can provide a way to have a conversation for those that do not use language or talking as a primary means of communication. This residency uses music as a way to break down barriers; focusing on connecting people to community and environment, developing empowering relationships with Young People in order to work together to enable access for all.

This work was funded by Imagine This Partnership, in collaboration with South West Family Values.

The musical residency at The Orchard at Lupton has provided a way to have a conversation for those that do not use language or talking as a primary means of communication. It has also captured quieter and less heard voices and through the creation of both an Echoes geo located sound installation (which is now permanently assigned to The Orchard location) and an interactive Soundmap, which has allowed others to hear those voices and provides a point of access for those wanting to connect with The Orchard before visiting.

Interactive SoundMap of The Orchard.

Moor to Sea have created an interactive version of The Orchard illustrated map, which includes an immersive reader (read aloud capacity) and enables full accessibility for those wanting to hear the stories surrounding the year of our musical residency. Alongside the music, recordings and songs, a young person has written a story guide, as for him, stories are a way to enable access at stages where anxiety or overwhelm might prevent engagement.

Echoes sound walk.

You can download our walk through The Orchard via an app and are guided in real-time through the space, via a geo-located map on your phone; triggering music, sounds, songs and recordings made by young people engaging with the orchard, as you go.

Click here to download the Echoes app and explore the sound walk.