Orchestrating Change


Developed to support connections between
people and to enable voices to be heard

Growing Musical Landscapes


Musical and cross-arts projects
created in collaboration

Architects of Sound

Training &

Exploring music and access

Breaking the Sound Barrier

At Moor To Sea, we believe that musical creation is intrinsic to being human and that access to music should be equal. Our aim is to provide opportunities for all lives to be lived musically

Moor To Sea’s vision is of a society that values the human need for music, and which understands that music is for everybody. 

Our mission is to make it possible for people to find and make music that speaks to them. To grow musical landscapes together.

Our work focusses on facilitating the meaningful development of creative skills and ideas, and connecting individuals and communities through music.

We provide musical opportunities and experiences which encourage and nurture connection and which build trust and understanding across difference.

We aim to develop group communication skills through collaborative participation.

News and updates

Exeter RAMM-commissioned digital creative music workshop

There was lots of exciting musical output from our recent weekend workshop at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter, where we explored the effect digital technology has on creating music.  We took inspiration from within the museum capturing and...