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Musical and cross-arts projects

Designed collaboratively.

We look to understand the world and ourselves better, asking questions together through music. Often our projects are participatory Research In Action. We always work in co-creation.

We strive to make everything we do equal. We prioritise offering meaningful musical experiences over creating outputs. We provide training and support to create spaces which always prioritise access.

We address marginalisation in three ways:

  • Acknowledging and addressing the intersecting barriers to accessing music
  • Demonstrating that holistic practice makes music accessible and supportive
  • Finding and using a Voice. Elevating the quieter Voices of others.


Growing Musical


Connecting with people and enabling all voices to be heard.

We are strongly rooted within our community and use this knowledge of the people and the partnerships within it to connect with people in ways they have helped identify as important. We are embedded both in locality, as musicians, and as people working for change.

Moor to Sea seeks to disrupt traditional organisational structures in favour of a more democratic process. Our ethos of ‘Collective’ is about individual members being part of something shared.

Through collaborative music making, people are given agency to use their authentic voice to express themselves. Through music, people are supported, encouraged and motivated to grow.

of Sound

Listening Carefully

Building musical projects around people.

Through active musical co-creation, we build relationships with people.

As we get to know them, people show us what they want to do and how they want to do it – through the music they make – by sharing ideas and things that are important to them – by expressing themselves in the ways they move and behave and by talking to us (if talking is a preferred means of communication, which often it’s not!).

We notice where barriers might exist and place the responsibility on ourselves to change the environment or obstacles that create these barriers.

As reflective practitioners, we focus on digging deeply into how relationships and musical enquiries are evolving. We respond to what we learn and grow musical opportunities around people.

A natural part of this process includes having young people and people with lived experience involved with decision making at a strategic level within the organisation.

Community Voice


  • Musicians are competent shapers of directions – we believe in creating roles for musicians to grow – we know freelance is not usually ‘a lifestyle choice’!
  • We celebrate the value of ‘lived experience’ at every level of the organisation – building on people’s strengths and supporting them to be their best
  • By removing roles of leader and participator, all people become co-creators, coming to the work from different backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences
  • We are growing a skilled, inclusive community of practitioners and collaborators; creating a culture of mutual support and generous collaboration.

      Youth Voice


      • Young Music Ambassadors on our Advisory Board
      • Peer mentorship programmes link young mentors to collaborators
      • Young Apprentices support key delivery at weekly sessions
      • Young Volunteers support collaboration at events and within school-based programmes
      • Peer music mentors support engagement and play within group sessions and in one-to-one interactions.
      • Young people lead the delivery and design of specific events.

      Moor to Sea Voice

      We advocate for:

      • Celebrating Diversity! We believe that unique viewpoints help provide broader solutions
      • Challenging and disrupting power systems so that marginalised people have a voice
      • Everyone is treated with Respect
      • Co-creation process for collaborative artistic communities of practice
      • Valuing Reflection and Research in Action
      • An Integrated, creative management business model which is delivery focussed
      • Supporting creatives to develop resilience and wellbeing alongside the potential for career growth.


      Breaking the
      Sound Barrier

      Access to music should be equal

      Providing opportunities for all lives to be lived musically.

      Inclusion is at the forefront of our practice. We are committed to addressing the barriers that prevent people from participating in music.

      By co-creating music in this way we can affect Social Change. Connecting through music (whether listening, creating, moving, singing or playing) enhances communication, collaboration, inclusion and wellbeing.

      We aim to make music accessible to everyone through demonstrating and discussing an approach. We provide opportunity and support for groups of people to connect in creative, musical, spaces in order to encourage belonging and positivity, and reduce feelings of isolation. With our approach, everyone is responsible for creating, developing and owning this musical space.

      About us

      Moor to Sea has a vision to create communities where power is shared, difference is valued and creativity, music and the arts are how we understand ourselves. 

      Our mission is to make it possible for people to find and make music that speaks to them. To grow musical landscapes together.

      We support people to connect, co-create and find a voice through Music. We provide musical opportunities and experiences which encourage and nurture connection and which build trust and understanding across differences.

      As a collective of socially engaged artists, we are all an active part of the change we seek to make. We believe in the power of the Collective; that collaboration, diversity, co-design and working together inclusively are how we co-create sustainably for the benefit of all!

      Rachel Thame

      Rachel Thame
      Co-Director/Designated Safeguarding Officer

      Deb Wollaston
      Deborah Woollaston

      We established Moor to Sea in 2018 after working for many years as independent musicians and freelance educators/facilitators across a variety of settings.

      We identified the need for authenticity: to be able to grow and develop musical projects collaboratively. We recognised the importance of designing projects alongside the people involved in making the work.

      Moor to Sea will evolve and grow as a collective of musicians and makers working together to build more connected, supportive communities who champion for change and harmony. We believe that everyone should be able to access opportunities for musical lives. We feel that this process is supported through co-creation.

      We believe that socially engaged music creation provides a space to consider and address the barriers that prevent people from participating in music or community.

      Moor To Sea has strict safeguarding policies and procedures in place to help keep our participants safe.
      Please contact us via our contact form if you have any queries or concerns.

      Our Advisory Team

      Claudia Blandon

      Claudia Blandon
      Non-Executive Director /Deputy Safeguarding Officer

      Lewis Cox

      Lewis Cox
      Architects of Sound Lead

      Claire Windmill

      Claire Windmill
      Advisory Board