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Developed to support connections between people and to enable voices to be heard.

We talk with individuals and their communities in order to identify personal interests and social concerns.

We build musical projects in co-creation with these people who have ideas, concerns, ambitions and dreams.

Sometimes there is a musical output, event or recording; sometimes it is more about the process of allowing musicality to flourish and take root.

Music in schools: supporting teaching and learning


  • Music in early childhood
  • Creating a culture of musical inclusion within schools
  • Supporting enrichment and learning through music
  • Developing music curriculums and supporting one-to-one instrumental lessons

Music to support health and wellbeing


  • Providing direct invitation and opportunity for groups to make music together
  • Explore shared experiences through music to help improve a sense of connection to others
  • Reduce feelings of isolation and disconnect through providing musical respite

Growing Musical


Musical and cross-arts projects designed and created in collaboration.

People come to us from all walks of life and backgrounds (individuals with ideas, young people, music facilitators, groups and organisations). We invite them to be musicians and grow a musical landscape together.

We can help move an idea through a process by asking questions about what people can do already or have to offer. 

We enable ideas to be shaped into a solid, authentically considered offering: musical/cross-arts work, event or research project.

Gathering groups and forming partnerships


  • Establish a shared approach and articulation of how to include and effectively support everyone involved in the process of co-production.
  • Help shape working methods and research processes.

Supporting groups with fundraising


  • Bid writing
  • Developing partnership work
  • Self-funding projects

Considering the impact of the work


  • Provide project management
  • Establish systems and processes to measure impact, monitor and evaluate projects in progress

of Sound

Training &

Exploring music and access.

We aim to make music accessible to everyone through demonstrating and discussing an approach. We can give practical help and thought provoking insights into current practice. We can do this for music making professionals or within a corporate setting where creativity and inclusion can be explored to benefit the aims of the organisation.

Training for educators and music facilitators


  • Removing barriers to musical engagement
  • Practical music-making
  • CPD for peripatetic instrumental teachers, music hubs and community music leaders
  • Training in group facilitation.
  • Exploring the process of working in co-creation.
  • Embedding reflective practice

Training for business


  • Team building
  • Creativity in business
  • Creating an inclusive workplace culture



  • Producing evaluation reports
  • Creative responses to evidence the impact of projects
  • Disseminating the findings of the work of others to a broader population

Breaking the
Sound Barrier

At Moor to Sea we believe that musical creation is intrinsic to being human and that access to music should be equal. Our aim is to provide opportunities for all lives to be lived musically.

Inclusion is at the forefront of our practice. We are committed to addressing the barriers that prevent people from participating in music.

By co-creating music in this way we can affect Social Change. Connecting through music (whether listening, creating, moving, singing or playing) enhances communication, collaboration, inclusion and wellbeing.

We want to provide the opportunity and support for groups of people to connect in creative, musical, spaces in order to encourage belonging and positivity, and reduce feelings of isolation. With our approach, everyone is responsible for creating, developing and owning this musical space.

About us

Rachel Thame

Deborah Woollaston

We established Moor to Sea in 2018 after working for many years as independent musicians and freelance educators/facilitators across a variety of settings.

We identified the need for authenticity: to be able to grow and develop musical projects collaboratively. We recognised the importance of designing projects alongside the people involved in making the work.

Moor to Sea will evolve and grow as a collective of musicians and makers working together to build more connected, supportive communities who champion for change and harmony. We believe that everyone should be able to access opportunities for musical lives. We feel that this process is supported through co-creation.

We believe that socially engaged music creation provides a space to consider and address the barriers that prevent people from participating in music or community.