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Lifeworks Project

The Lifeworks Charity supports Young People with learning disabilities to have a great life – and they are very clear that music is a huge part of that. Moor To Sea practitioners are experienced in facilitating music-making sessions that are accessible and include everyone, promote developing skills and follow the interests of the young people – our “co-creators”.

Together, some incredible work and forward-looking projects have emerged, each phase building on the last, as we see the young people becoming more skilled in co-creating music together.

Working in groups where young people have different instrumental preferences and skills, different ways to communicate and different preferences for sounds they want to hear has led to new ways of co-creating music together, and the emergence of the role of “Constructor” – a combination of composer and conductor, whereby different members of the group direct music in a variety of ways.

The work developing from these combined ways of working is exciting for all of us and we hope to continue this journey together to some, as yet, undiscovered musical landscapes.

Watch this space for future developments!

“The thing about you guys, is you go with whatever’s happening and always come out with something they love” Lifeworks support worker