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Come and build a musical UnGroup with us

Are you a young person who likes the idea of being in a band, but not sure where to start?


Want to make music with others, but not face to face?

Are you a fabulous musician keen to collaborate and experiment?

A vocalist or songwriter looking to work with others?

An aspiring producer or beatmaker wanting to influence?


Come & build a musical UnGroup with us.

We’d love to see you all

UnGroup will be available to all young people, connecting us supportively to a musical community. You will influence the music choices and hopefully, some of you will be originating and creating resources for us.

BandLab will be used as a platform for UnGroup members to practice individual parts to a specific song or composition. You will get the opportunity to be creative with your instrument, practice and then record your part.

For those that would prefer, there can be complete creative licence to originate your own arrangement. For those of you that would like more support, we’ll provide accessible guides in how to create a part for yourself. We’ll produce videos to demonstrate chord progressions and timings; guides for what notes are in chords; how you might position your fingers on keyboard; what notes work for transposing instruments; examples of rhythmic patterns; harmony guides for vocalists etc.

We will give you what you need in order to join us at the level you are. We are also working to ensure that people without computers or instruments at home can join UnGroup.

We’ll make a base layer for each musical framework so everyone will work in sync. Then, when you submit your recordings back, we can mix it with others’ parts to create a fuller band. BandLab has a great Digital workspace where you can create MIDI recordings and mix beats, so if this is your thing you will be busy!

Moor to Sea believes in co-creating music together. With our approach, everyone is responsible for creating, developing and owning the musical space. We will be building this project together.


To get involved:


  • First you need to get your parent or legal guardian to fill in a consent form by clicking the button below.



  • If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to download and install the Google Chrome browser onto your computer. Click the button below to download it.



  • Once consent has been given by your parent or legal guardian, click the button below to set up your BandLab Education account. Note: it’s important that you follow this link to the appropriate version of BandLab for us to use together.



  • Once your BandLab account is setup, let us know via the contact form below and we’ll send you the link needed to access resources and ideas.