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Moor To Sea at ASRUS with Play Torbay

ASRUS is a weekly evening group for young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and their families.

The session runs as a youth club, with supported play focused experiences for all ages.

Since Jan 2019, Moor To Sea have been providing a music component for this group. Music has now become an integral part of ASRUS Wednesdays, with some of the young people spending the majority or all of their time at the group in music.

There are options for focused 1:1 work, for young people who benefit from that, and group music making sessions, which have expanded as the confidence and skills of the young people has grown.

We approach everything from a sense of Play, but from within that, young people (and their adult family members!) have learned instrumental skills – piano, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, drums, guitar and vocals, as well as experimenting with digital music, composing and learning to improvise and create pieces of music together.

Many of our musical journeys at ASRUS begin with a young person saying something like – “I wonder what would happen if…..” and off we all go together, to find out what indeed does happen.